MILA Scarves - materials and the hem

Mila Lansdowne about her scarves:


Elegant, energizing and unique Mila Lansdowne scarves pay tribute to the individual and its uniqueness. If you are buying this delightful piece for yourself to express your energy or if you are thinking of someone special. Mila Lansdowne scarf makes people’s heads turn (say our clients)

Mila Lansdowne Designer Scarves depict the images of the original artwork.

Check out the matching tote bags - dress to impress!

Made to Order order in Montreal/Canada.

*Delivery time in Canada is about 15 business days, for International orders, it's about 7 business days for production plus standard shipping time/ Canada Post 💯Free Shipping in Canada and the USA for orders of $100+

NOTE: COVID-19 in affecting the production time and shipping delays up to double of the usual - thank you for your patience ❤️

Thank you for supporting local production & the art of the Canadian artist/designer Mila Lansdowne 🙏

FYI 10% of the proceeds of all sales of Mila Lansdowne designs go to SOS Children's Villages (because children are the future of our beautiful world)

Here is an example of the hem

for Chiffon Knit Scarf = Merrow Hem:We are using this hem only on the KNIT Chiffon long scarves

Close-up photo of a Merrow edge hem

For Chiffon Scarf with plain finish/ flat hem: the picture below.

We are using this hem of flat chiffon material for the square and the long scarves.

 Close-up photo of a flat finish hem

For Chiffon Scarf with plain finish/ flat hem: the picture below

REMOVE the tag that is attached to the scarf:

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