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"You Are Special" is the message in the work of Mila Lansdowne celebrating the uniqueness of every person with creativity and inspiring good vibes.

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I always wanted to have my own unique designs.

In the school with my mom's help, we were creating costumes.
Later I was sewing my own clothing all kinds of it; my pregnancy clothing, coats, and costumes.
Later, I continued designing and sew my ballroom dresses, dance class addresses, and my children's clothing.
Mila Lansdowne with her Ballroom Partner wearing her own creation of a ballroom gown.

Then in 1999, while living in Germany, my Czech Artist-friend introduced me to silk painting, and in a twist of fate, I was forced to start an explore silk painting on large silk canvases.

My first exhibits were in Germany, and I was enlightened by the comments of the people who saw the exhibit saying, "oh, sunshine is in the space."

It became the common denominator of my work that features high vibration energy in colors, shape, and sometimes in written affirmations.

After my immigration to Canada, I built up this creative journey to a company called Art For Happiness, adding the production of greeting cards and inspirational gifts from my silk art design.

Over the years, I painted many large silk originals that are now lighting up corporate offices or empowering as corporate gifts for companies who are celebrating anniversaries.

My silk paintings have a very elaborate design. It takes days to complete the size of a square of 36 x 36 "as a scarf. It has value and beautiful design that people love, but most of them cannot afford.

I always searched for possibilities for how I can serve more people in a more affordable price.
I developed my own technique that allowed me to do that with a more simplified design.
This so-called blossom design is characteristic of my work. With my dedicated team, we fulfilled many contracts for corporate clients in scarfs and handkerchiefs for their celebrations and anniversaries.

I also taught this design to people of all ages in countless workshops.
Image of Mila Lansdowne's silk painting class with participants showing their creations.

Now I am opening a new chapter of my creative life story.
I partnered up with Canada-based manufacturers who are using high-quality materials and tools. I'm creating unique collections produced in limited edition or exclusive open editions as lines of exclusive garments, scarves, and home decor.
I found my solution. Mila Lansdowne's designs are now affordable, and people can enjoy them in a way that is better than before because they build concepts of coordinates.

I hope you'll enjoy my work.
It is unique, imbued with good vibes, and meant to enrich your life because you are very special.

Mila Lansdowne
July 19.2020



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